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ChemCraft, Inc.

We specialize in bringing the latest in polymer and organic technology to the agricultural and lawn and garden marketplace. The company initially created safe and effective line cleaners for irrigation systems. As time passed, the need for new technologies to amend soils for increased yields, soil penetrants that were not wetting agents, and better soil conditioners became evident. Dick Hornack, president and product inventor, has created a company that can supply the marketplace with natural methods to create conditions that improve yield, flavor in vegetables and fruit, and the environment in an economic fashion. His EnviroMax (the new name for SoilMaster Rx) product has revolutionized the industry in its ability to open pore space at deep levels of the soil profile. This provides for multiple benefits that can improve your soil, farmers and homeowners benefit from the improved soil structure.Today thousands of homeowners are regular users of EnviroMax, and the other natural products offered by ChemCraft. ChemCraft products are used commercially on a variety of soil types and crops.





The DEHL Group

(Dedicated to the Environment & Healthy Living) introduces a line of products, which include items for personal care and nutrition.  The products were developed by Dick Hornack to improve the condition of the body, both inside and out. Water, the source of all life, and the treatment of water is the basis for most products created by this division and the parent company, ChemCraft, Inc. Products offered by The DEHL Group are pH balanced, water soluble, and easily utilized by the body. They contain the essential electrolytes for absorption and to make them directional for specific functions.  The company also manufactures products for the coffee industry. ChemCraft, Inc. and The DEHL Group sell products designed for the natural living shelves. Our companies bring quality, reasonably priced products to the specialty market. You can count on our reputation and service.



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